Ronchini Massimo Srl | About us

Ronchini Massimo Srl was founded in 1985 by the current president Ronchini Massimo as a simple single-member company, and then became a Srl in 2001. Since the beginning, Ronchini Massimo Srl has been involved in the design and construction of Numerical Control (CNC) machines to manipulate and transform raw materials and semi-finished products into finished products. The technology and flexibility in the field of CNC machine tools, automation and robotics make Ronchini Massimo Srl today a recognized excellence of industrial MADE IN ITALY. Over 20 years of experience today lead Ronchini Massimo Srl to be a reference point for the design and construction of numerical control machines and robotic automation systems for Industry 4.0.

Ronchini Massimo Srl is now made up of a group of highly experienced people and technicians who over the years have been able to ensure management continuity such as to guide the company along a path of constant development and growth. The activity is based on the principles of innovation, motivation, continuous development and the satisfaction of specific customer requests.

These concepts have always led to interpreting, even the simplest and most ordinary work, as a new problem to be faced, with the aim therefore of drawing new lessons from it. Unlike other Italian companies specialized in a specific sector, Ronchini Massimo Srl immediately decided to follow the path of the “customized”; this choice immediately proved to be the right one, leading the company today to have 360​​° technical and technological skills in many different sectors.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to constantly increase and improve our skills day by day, without ever thinking that we have reached the maximum.

Our Mission is to bring the technology and products of Ronchini Massimo Srl to be, in addition to being an excellence for the Italian market, also for the foreign market. The start of new collaborations and partnerships with foreign companies was the first step in achieving our goal.

We see the future of our company marked by strong growth, determined in particular by the internationalization process already underway. Excellent products are obtained not only from constant R&D required in order to stay at the forefront of design and technique, but also from the use of high quality commercial components. The best components are used in all our machinery and robotic systems, with a strict selection of suppliers, integrating latest generation IT and technological solutions.

“The world today with Industry 4.0 is deeply changing, now it requires «Smart Systems for Smart Factories», Ronchini Massimo Srl is ready following up the new era of the factory and help all its customers in the industrial revolution of our century.”

Ronchini Filippo – CEO of Ronchini Massimo Srl

Ready for industry 4.0

In a market increasingly oriented towards automation and the new standards imposed by the 4.0 industrial revolution, we have decided to take our offer to a higher level, by implementing cutting-edge robotic solutions. By adapting our experience in the field of machine tools to industrial robotics, we have integrated highly performing robotic milling solutions into our machines. This is how our robotic milling systems and custom robotic integrations were born. After years of experience, Ronchini Massimo Srl throws itself into the world of Robotics, thus becoming the “System Partner Integrator” of Kuka Roboter®, therefore an official integrator recognized by the German company.

RM-Robotics | Robot for milling

RM-Robotics integrates and adapts anthropomorphic robots according to the different needs of each customer, making them able to provide advanced and customized industrial solutions, creating the perfect balance between reducing manpower and increasing production. Our mechanical arm installations allow you to adapt the robot to perform complex activities such as machine machining, handling, assembly and much more. Thanks to the advantages of robotic automation, we therefore improve the production process, creating more advanced and intelligent industrial processes.

There are many results deriving from robotics solutions:

Reduction of production costs

Thanks to the efficiency and the high production speed, there is a rapid return on investment [ROI].

Shorter machining cycles

A robot has the ability to work at a constant speed without stopping, making production leaner.

Quality and efficiency

The operations are performed with precision and continuously thanks to the high levels of repeatability that a robot offers.