Milling Tools

Milling Tools

Single-edge milling tools

Single-edge milling tools are particularly suitable for milling aluminium, but they also give excellent results on soft chip plastics and resins.

Multi-edge milling tools

The multi-edge milling tools are particularly suitable for machining aluminium and light alloys.

Shaped milling tools

The shaped milling tools are usually utilized for countersinking, chamfering and creating screw seats. Ideal for light alloys and plastic materials.

High-speed milling tools

The high-speed milling tools suitable for aluminium with “wiper®” geometry. Just one tool for roughing and finishing.

Insert milling tools

The high-speed milling inserts tools for levelling, quarrying and 3D copying. Ideal for aluminium processing.

Thread milling tools

The circular thread milling tools with an internal metric and fine and coarse pitch. Carbide milling tools for threading by helical interpolation.

Polystyrene milling tools

Long series solid carbide milling tools ideal for roughing and finishing on expanded and extruded materials.

Composites milling tools

Specific milling tools for processing composite materials such as CFRP (Polymeric with carbon fibers), AFRP (Kevlar), GRP (Fyberglass).

V-grooving milling tools

“V” groove router milling tools for carvings on wood and plastic, and grooving for the production of box units in composite materials such as dibond.

Steel sheets milling tools

Solid carbide milling tools for general applications.

Drilling milling tools

High-performance hard metal milling tools made to measure for precision drilling.

Reaming milling tools

Hole finishing to the tolerance class of the ISOH7 holes ideal for the most common applications.

Engraving milling tools

Conical engraving milling tools used on manual systems or on a CNC machine.

Milling tool accessories

Accessories for milling tools and tips, ER ring nuts and tool holder cones.