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€ 4.900,00 ex. works

Bench machine for plates engraving

Engrave and customize labels and accessories quickly and easily.

RM-XScribe3D is the small and extremely compact engraving and marking machine, custom designed for shops and engraving workshops.

RM-Xscribe3D for precise engravings on metals, glass and stone

With RM-XScribe3D, you can create sharp and precise engravings on pet tags, medals and other plain objects. The clamping system also allows you to customize large and irregular accessories such as: pensmoney clipspet tagslighterssmartphone covers and much more.

Processing video with RM-Xscribe3D

Processing video with RM-Xscribe3D

Quick and easy engraving

You do not need any training course nor being an expert in the engraving. The ultra-easy and intuitive touchscreen allow you to start working in just a few clicks. So you can surprise your customers by customizing tags and accessories directly in front of their eyes. The quality of your engravings will always be excellent thanks to the stainless steel tool with the industrial diamond tip which is ideal for scratching and engraving. The ultra-compact structure and the linear motion guides will make your footsteps precise and smooth.

Clamping system

The adjustable clamps allow you to adjust the jaws distance and adapt the work plane to the engaging object.

You can engrave both flat surface and irregular objects up to 100 x 60 mm and with a thickness of up to 15 mm.

Choose your colors

Match the unique and elegant design with the color that best suits your shop’s style.
Choose from the 3 colors available.

rm-xscribe3D macchina per incisione colore alluminio


rm-xscribe3D macchina per incisione colore titanio


rm-xscribe3D macchina per incisione colore oro


Technical features - RM-Xscribe

Technical features - RM-Xscribe

  • XY working area 100 x 60 mm
  • Structure in anodized aluminium
  • XYZ advances with recirculating ball screws
  • XYZ slidings on recirculating ball bearing with preload and rectified guides
  • Fastening system with automatic extractable drawer and clamping system integrated
  • XY axes max. speed 25 mm/sec [1,5 m/min]
  • Z axis max. speed 25 mm/sec [1,5 m/min]
  • XMC 4.0 Numeric Control for router machines with 3 interpolated axes and touchscreen integrated
  • LAN/USB input and output
  • Indicative dimensions 280 x 300 x 286(h) mm
  • Indicative weight 25 kg
  • Power supply 24 Vdc 5A
  • Manuals and documentations