CNC Milling Machines

EasyStep: CNC bench router

CNC milling router for small and medium format. EasyStep is a versatile and ideal milling machine for the majority of craftsmanship and industrial mass production.

AluStep: large format CNC router

CNC router for milling on medium and large format. AluStep is a highly versatile machine and ideal for working on: wood, plastic and light metal alloys.

AxonV: high precision CNC milling machine

CNC milling machine for precision work on small and medium format. AxonV is a machine with high speed technology, ideal for machining metal mechanical components and for craft works that require precision and attention to details.

SkyMill: high precision CNC milling machine

High speed and precision CNC milling machine for medium and large format. SkyMill is ideal for making mechanical metal components and creating artisan products that require extreme attention to details.