Large size CNC router

AluStep is a high-performance large CNC router. It is a 3 interpolated axes CNC router (optional 4th rotary axis), easy to use and with milling performance suitable for various types of materials. It is CNC machine ideal for handicraft and industrial production.

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AluStep for milling wood, plastic, resins and metals

Alustep can perform two-dimensional cutting and engraving milling, and three-dimensional milling such as bas-reliefs and complex geometries.

The powerful 7 kW spindle at 40.000 rpm and the large work surface make it a CNC pantograph excellent for large format work on: wood, plastic, resins and light metal alloys.

AluStep components

  1. High speed spindle
  2. Machine console with XMC CNC interface
  3. Doors on each side
  4. High speed and stiffness mobile bridge
  5. Automatic tool changer with 15 tool stations
  6. Removable top cover
  7. Removable drawers for the collection of machining chips

High speed electrospindle

AluStep is equipped with a powerful 7 kW electrospindle at 40.000 rpm which allows you to carry out milling and engraving jobs on a wide range of materials. The HSK 40 cone attachment allows you to always have a rigid and balanced hold on the tool.

Worktop with mechanical and vacuum fastening

The ground aluminum worktop ensures a perfectly flat work surface. Thanks to the steel threaded inserts, the pieces can be firmly fixed mechanically, while the texture of the worktable and the powerful vacuum pump allow an exceptional vacuum fixing for both large slabs and small pieces.

OSAI control system

AluStep is equipped with a latest generation OSAI integrated system consisting of: axis motors, CNC drives and command console (HMI). The HMI operator interface allows you to have all the commands necessary for piloting AluStep, making it possible to: import machining, analyze the project from the 2D/3D preview and start machining. The machine is fast and precise, while still guaranteeing a high degree of ease of use.

Available optional

Pneumatic tangential head with oscillating blade

The tangential oscillating blade offers an additional tool to obtain a precise and clean cut on medium density and hard materials with thicknesses up to 100 mm. Through the pneumatic disengagement, the head can be easily activated or deactivated according to the processing needs.

Interpolated fourth axis

Fourth continuous interpolated and indexed axis, with 4 dependent jaws sealing system for cylindrical machining. Rotation supported by precision cycloidal gearbox and brushless B-axis motor with encoder.

Suction system for workpiece fastening

Worktop with suction holes for holding the pieces being processed and suction system with vacuum pump, silencer for noise reduction. Ease of operation, maintenance and installation.

Mechanical probe

Retractable probe with radio transmission for measuring and centering the piece.

Print marks camera

High-resolution retractable camera for automatic registration mark recognition.

Automatic tool change

  • Cone rack with 15 positions
  • Tool setting for automatic tool length measurement
  • Elastic gripping forks for HSK40 tool holder

Technical features - AluStep


Nominal working area XY 2000 x 1000 mm
Z axis maximum travel 160 mm
Worktop in ground and structural aluminum, complete with M8 steel fixing inserts

Heavy carpentry frame made of electro-welded structural steel tubulars
High capacity self-levelling adjustable support feet

Electrospindle with HSD three-phase asynchronous motor
Power 7 KW S1 / 7.8 KW S6; Maximum speed: 40,000 rpm
Liquid cooling

Lubrication system
Minimal air\liquid lubrication automatic with electric pump
1.2 liter tank
Lubricant level sensor with software alarm
Single retractable nozzle with adjustable spout

Spindle cooling unit
Model ACW-LPH 12 fluid chiller
Rated power 1920W
Supply voltage: 230Vac / 50Hz
Overall dimensions: 485 x 550 x 375 (h) mm

Processing swarfs collection
Suction hood for the collection of machining chips
Software activated pneumatic release
Connection manifold for pipe with internal diameter 60 mm
Side retractable drawers for the collection of processing residues

Safety shelters
Perimeter safety guards with tilting doors
Transparent windows in Plexiglass Resist®
Protection by means of redundancy safety microswitch
Safety Controller with Safely Limited Speed ​​(SLS)
Safety Controller with Safe Torque Off (STO)
RGB backlit according to the machine states

Sliding with linear carriages with caged balls for heavy loads
Sliding on rectified guides with high load capacity and stiffness
Gantry X and Y axes feed with precision racks with helical teeth
Z axis feeds with precision ball screw
XY axis maximum speed up to 1000 mm/sec [60.0 m/min]
Maximum Z-axis speed up to 300 mm/sec [18.0 m/min]

Drives and motors
Gantry axis motors X1 and X2 model ECMA 400V, 0.75KW-2.39Nm 3000/5000 rpm, 17bit, abs
Servodrive X1 and X2 gantry axes model 8SMPMASD-A2-0743-E ASDA-A2 EtherCAT 400V 3ph 0.75KW nta
Y-axis motor model ECMA 400V, 0.75KW-2.39Nm 3000/5000 rpm, 17bit, abs
Y axis servo drive model 8SMPMASD-A2-0743-E ASDA-A2 EtherCAT 400V 3ph 0.75KW
Z axis motor model ECMA 400V, 0.75KW-2.39Nm 3000/5000 rpm, 17bit, brake, abs
Z axis servo drive model 8SMPMASD-A2-0743-E ASDA-A2 EtherCAT 400V 3ph 0.75KW
Inverter MS300 HiS(0-1500Hz) 460V 3ph w/ EMC Filter 5HP 3,7KW
MH300 EC02 ethercat communication module
Braking resistor 150 ohm/400W
Backup battery kit on cable for servodrive, necessary to maintain the absolute position with the machine off

Numerical control and HMI operator interface
OSAI OPENsmart Control Unit ETK
HMI operator interface for windows environment
OPEN-XS/smart – EtherCAT master enable (A54)
Program Memory 8GB mSata SSD
OPENcontrol S/W KIT
DLL Communication CNDEX (A06)
OPEN-20 SW Kit for OPEN-XS/smart
Machine Plot (A03)
Image PEN65 WEC7 32bit Single Operat. System x Open Smart
Device Parameters Management (A66)
DLL Communication CNDEX (A06)
OPEN-XS/smart – 1 ADD. AXIS ENABLE (up to 8 axes)
EtherCAT Digital Bridge – 4 ENC. CHN file extension
Cutting algorithms for high speed
Spline interpolation
Predictive dynamics
Industry 4.0 ready

Electronic keypad for manual axes control
Axis tracking handwheel
Axis and speed selector for XYZBC axes
Function keys
“Dead man” operator presence button
“Mushroom” emergency button
Magnetic support for control console

Lighting and machine status
Machine status lighting with software-controlled RGB LEDs
Worktop lighting with ceiling lights

Power supply and absorbed power: 400Vac / 32A

Included in delivery
Manuals and documentation English/Italian