High speed and precision CNC milling machine

Our high-speed CNC milling machine with centesimal precision. AxonV is a CNC milling machine with 3 interpolated axes (fifth rotary axis optional) for precision mechanical and artisanal processing, perfect for those looking for a high-performance CNC milling machine for working on small and medium formats.

AxonV for milling metal, wood and resins

It is possible to perform two-dimensional milling by cutting and engraving, and three-dimensional milling to create bas-reliefs and complex geometries.

AxonV is equipped with a powerful electrospindle with 4 kW, which makes it a CNC milling machine for high precision machining of metals such as: aluminium, brass, copper and light materials such as: wood, plastic, resins, etc.

High precision CNC milling machine

AxonV was designed to give the best precision performance on a medium format milling machine.

The steel structure is heavy and extremely rigid to minimize any type of vibration and guarantee centesimal milling precision. The ground guides and ground ball screws reduce any play to a minimum even during the most difficult machining operations.

High speed electrospindle

AxonV is equipped with a 4 kW electrospindle at 40,000 rpm for high-speed milling. The liquid cooling system allows perfect heat dissipation and avoids any overheating problems.

The HSK E25 cone attachment allows the tool to always be held rigid and balanced.

Rectified worktop with double fixing technology

The worktop is made of milled and rectified aluminum to guarantee a perfectly flat surface.

The machine is equipped with a double fixing system: one with threaded steel anchors for mechanical fixing using brackets/clamps and one with vacuum with the possibility of sectioning.

Useful working area xyz: 1015x805x200 mm

Fifth axis configuration

The machine is equipped with a fifth axis group that disappears into the work surface, with indexed and continuous interpolation, with zero-point locking supports.

OSAI control system

AxonV is equipped with a latest generation OSAI integrated system consisting of: axis motors, CNC drives and control console (HMI). The HMI operator interface allows you to have all the commands necessary for controlling MaxiMill under control, making it possible to: import the processes, analyze the project from the 2D/3D preview and start the process. The machine is fast and precise, while still ensuring high ease of use.

Available optional

Suction table with pump

Work surface with suction slots for holding the pieces being processed and suction system with vacuum pump.

Feeler probe

Renishaw touch probe for measuring and centering the piece with pneumatic engagement and disengagement.