CNC bench milling router

Our entry level CNC pantograph for professional use. EasyStep is a CNC router with 3 interpolated axes (with optional fourth rotary axis), with table dimensions and for precision milling. The ideal machine for prototyping and industrial production: compact, versatile and extremely easy to use.

EasyStep for milling plastic, wood and light metals

It is possible to perform 2D milling by cutting and engraving, and 3D milling to create bas-reliefs and complex geometries.

EasyStep is equipped with a powerful spindle from 1,3 kW, which makes it a CNC router excellent for working on: wood, plastic, resins and light metal alloys.

Aluminum worktop with mechanical fastening and depression vacuum system.
High power electrospindle 1,3 kW 40.000 rpm.
Automatic tool change with 10-positions station and presetting for automatic measurement of the tool
Aluminium frame with servo motors, high rigidity ground guides and feeds with ball screws.
Lexan doors with 3 sides opening.

High performance CNC desktop router

EasyStep offers the best milling performance in its category. Thanks to the high-quality mechanical components and its carpentry made of steel, the router gets an extremely and precise structure.

It is a versatile and high-performance CNC router machine that you can use for both handicrafts and productions with a long time of processing.

High speed spindle

EasyStep is equipped with a 1,3 kW 40.000 rpm electrospindle for high speed milling. The air cooling system allows perfect heat dissipation and avoids any problem of overheating.

The elastic pliers for the attachment of the cutters allow to accommodate tools up to 7 mm in diameter and guarantee the perfect balance of the tool, considerably reducing any vibration during processing.

The automatic tool change is equipped with 10 tool stations and presetting for automatic measurement of tool length.


The structural aluminum worktop offers a 700 x 500 mm (600 x 500 mm with tool change configuration) work surface and a double piece fastening technology, via vacuum and with mechanical clamping thanks to the different threaded steel inserts.

Fourth axis

Continuous and indexed fourth axis interpolated, with gripping system with tip and tailstock for cylindrical machining.