Large size CNC router

Xtend is a high-performance large CNC router. It is a 3 interpolated axes CNC router, with a working area of ​​up to 3000 x 2000 mm, easy to use and with milling performance suitable for various types of materials. It is CNC machine ideal for sheet manufacturing.

Xtend for milling metals, wood, plastic and resins

Xtend can perform two-dimensional cutting and engraving milling and three-dimensional milling such as bas-reliefs and complex geometries.

The powerful 8 kW spindle and the large work surface make it a CNC pantograph excellent for large format work on: wood, plastic, resins and light metal alloys.

Ground aluminium work surface with vacuum holding system
High-power electrospindle 8 kW 36.000 rpm.
Automatic tool change with 15 positions station and presetting for automatic measurement of tool.
Heavy electrowelded frame with brushless motors, high rigidity ground guides, X gantry and Y axis feeds with precision racks.
Control system consisting of: axis motors, drives and operating console with Intuitive HMI.

High speed electrospindle

Xtend is equipped with a powerful 8 kW electrospindle at 36.000 rpm which allows you to carry out milling and engraving jobs on a wide range of materials. The HSK E40 cone attachment allows you to always have a rigid and balanced hold on the tool.

Automatic tool change

  • Cone rack with 15 positions
  • Tool setting for automatic tool length measurement
  • Elastic gripping forks for HSK E40 tool holder

Worktop with mechanical and vacuum fastening

The ground aluminum worktop ensures a perfectly flat work surface. Thanks to the steel threaded inserts, the pieces can be firmly fixed mechanically, while the texture of the worktable and the powerful vacuum pump allow an exceptional vacuum fixing for both large slabs and small pieces.

OSAI control system

Xtend is equipped with a latest generation integrated system consisting of: axis motors, CNC drives and command console (HMI). The HMI operator interface allows you to have all the commands necessary for piloting Xtend, making it possible to: import machining, analyze the project from the 2D/3D preview and start machining. The machine is fast and precise, while still guaranteeing a high degree of ease of use.

Available optional

Pneumatic tangential head with oscillating blade

The tangential oscillating blade offers an additional tool to obtain a precise and clean cut on medium density and hard materials with thicknesses up to 100 mm. Through the pneumatic disengagement, the head can be easily activated or deactivated according to the processing needs.

Suction system for workpiece fastening

Worktop with suction holes for holding the pieces being processed and suction system with vacuum pump, silencer for noise reduction. Ease of operation, maintenance and installation.

Mechanical probe

Ideal for rapid centering, edge and center search, flatness acquisition, shape measurement.

Print marks camera

High-resolution retractable camera for automatic registration mark recognition.