RoboCut Stone

Robotic milling system for 3D sculpting

Three-dimensional milling without shape limits. RoboCut Stone is a complete milling robotic cell, with sculpting robot up to 6 interpolated axes. An extremely flexible solution for: sculpture, design, architecture and furniture.

With RoboCut Stone you can perform all the milling phases, from roughing the rough block, to finishing the details.

RoboCut Stone for 3D milling of marble, stone and granite

The large range of the wrist and the structure of the robotic arm are designed to guarantee exceptional milling performance.

With RoboCut Stone you can perform all the phases of milling on stone, from roughing the rough block, to finishing the smallest and most minute details.

High-performance 3D milling robot with no shape limits

RoboCut Stone offers high milling performance on stone and flexibility of movement superior to any machine tool.

The 6 interpolated axes of the sculpting robot combined with the seventh interpolated and continuous axis of the rotating table, guarantee maximum freedom of movement of the cutter, to undercut and reach niches of statues and objects with an articulated design.

The RoboCut Stone robotic cells are equipped with “high accuracy” robotic arms which allow to obtain the best movement precision.

High power spindle for stone milling

RoboCut Stone is equipped with electrospindles designed for the processing of: stone, marble and granite; with powers from 12 kW to 14 kW and maximum rotation 24.000 RPM. The torque curves delivered generate maximum power at low revs, ensuring excellent roughing capacity and exploit the higher revs for finishing processes.

A standard version with direct flange connection and a version with automatic tool change with phonic wheel, minicoder and tool holder cones ISO 50 are available. Both restraint systems allow the main milling tools to be housed and guarantee perfect tool balance, minimizing vibrations during processing.

The water cooling system optimizes heat dissipation through a double tool cooling system. One with internal passage to the spindle shaft for direct refrigeration and one with four nozzles for indirect refrigeration.

Robotic arm and table

The worktop consists of a 1200 x 1200 mm welded and extended steel table which can be fastening or rotating (optional). The table can carry up to 1500 kg of weight and offers steel “T” slots for fixing the workpieces using clamps and brackets.

RoboCut Stone is available in one size with 2700 mm maximum reach.

Interface for machining control

XMC 5 Robot is the operator interface for SmartPad touchscreen simple and intuitive, which allows you to have under control all the commands necessary to pilot RoboCut Stone. Through the software interface it is possible to: import the machinings, analyze the project from the 2D/ 3D preview and start the machining. The integrated Analytics 4.0 plugin manages and processes all productivity and processing status data in real time.

Technical features – RoboCut Stone

RoboCut Stone 300kg

Anthropomorphic robot
• KUKA KR 300 Quantec 2 anthropomorphic robot
• Nominal load 300Kg
• Maximum range of action: 2,701 mm
• Robot configuration in high-precision version “Position accuracy”
• EU standard KR C4 controller
• Arm color RAL7035 light gray
• 10mt cable
• KSS operating system
• Number of interpolated axes 6
• Handling range:
A1: ± 185 °
A2: – 140 ° / -5 °
A3: – 120 ° / 168 °
A4: ± 350 °
A5: ± 122.5 °
A6: ± 350 °
• 16/16/4 digital I / O module (EtherCAT Extension Bus)
• BECK 2 channel analog input module
• BECK 2 channel analog output module

• 18 Kw electrospindle; speed 6.000 / 8.000 rpm
• Water tool cooling system
• Automatic start / stop software management
• Electric panel for electrospindle

Rotating table
• Ground rotary table in welded galvanized steel and laid out in the oven
• Square shape 1,200 x 1,200 mm
• Fixing system with T-slots
• Payload 25 Ton (center of the table)
• Transmission with zero backlash cycloidal reducer
• Infinite rotation
• Direct management from interface for SmartPAD “XMC RoboCut”
• Software motion kinematics included
• 40A added axis driver integrated in the KR C4 controller
• Smooth shaft brushless motor mod MG_180_180_40_S0
• Motor cable 10 / 15mt

Commands on the machine
• Spindle overfeed
• Axes overfeed

Perimeter protections
• Perimeter safety protections in metal mesh
• Access sliding door in metal mesh
• Interlocked safety micro with call release
• Indicative dimensions of standard protections 7,500 x 7,500 x 3,700 (h) mm

Smartpad and software
• KUKA SmartPad for interfacing with anthropomorphic robot
• XMC 5.0 Robot license: operator interface (HMI) for KUKA smartpads with ISO interpreter

Power supply
• 400 Vac three-phase power supply

Indicative weight and dimensions
• Indicative dimensions of standard protections 7,500 x 7,500 x 3,700 (h) mm
• Indicative weight of the robotic arm 1,150 Kg

Included in the supply
• Manuals and documentation supplied
• Post processor for CAM: SprutCAM®