Robot for 3D milling

Three-dimensional milling without shape limits. RoboCut is our robotic cell for three-dimensional milling with sculptor robot with 6 interpolated axes. An extremely flexible solution for the milling of foam and wood, ideal for scenographic productions, prototyping, design and art.

RoboCut for milling foams, resins and other materials

It is possible to carry out three-dimensional milling operations in the round to create: statues, scenographies, bas-reliefs, design objects.

RoboCut is equipped with a powerful spindle which makes it an ideal sculpting robot for working on: high density polystyrene (EPS and XPS), wood, plastic, resins and foams.

High-performance three-dimensional milling without shape limits

RoboCut offers high milling performance and greater movement flexibility than any machine tool.

The 6 interpolated axes of the anthropomorphic robotic arm combined with the seventh continuous and interpolated axes of the rotating table, guarantee maximum freedom of movement of the cutter, to perform undercuts, reach niches and create articulated design objects.

All RoboCut robotic cells are equipped with “high accuracy” robotic arms which allow to obtain the best positioning precision in space.

High speed spindle

RoboCut is equipped with an electrospindle of 14 kW, 24.000 rpm.

The air cooling system allows the perfect heat dissipation of the spindle and avoids any problem of overheating.

The elastic pliers for holding the cutters allow the main milling tools on the market to be housed and guarantee the perfect balance of the tool, considerably reducing any vibration during processing.

Robotic arm and rotating table

The robotic arm is welded to a concrete plinth, the steel rotary table is welded to the ground. The table can carry up to 1500 kg in weight and offers a flat surface for fixing the workpieces by means of hot glue or threaded holes for fixing clamps.

The maximum reach is 2700 mm.

Interface for machining control

XMC 5 Robot is the operator interface for SmartPad touchscreen simple and intuitive, which allows you to have under control all the commands necessary to pilot RoboCut. Through the software interface it is possible to: import the machinings, analyze the project from the 2D/ 3D preview and start the machining.

Available optional

Automatic tool change

Automatic tool change with 10 positions automatic rack, complete with an electrospindle at 24,000 rpm and tool setting.