Rhino-NC: software for programming CNC machines up to 5 axes

An efficient machining solution for CNC machines up to 5 axes for the rapid creation of even complex tool paths.

Rhino-NC is a CAD CAM software for the machining of numerical control machines from 2 to 5 axes. The system allows the creation of NC programs for machines with a wide variety of kinematics and can be adjusted for CNC equipment of any type.

Import a 3D project and define the best toolpath to make it. With Rhino-NC you have a professional CAM software to work continuously with CNC machines up to 5 axes. You can see the machining simulation.

CAM software for your needs

The current version can manage 2D and 3D CAD machining. The strategies range from roughing to finishing, some are expressly designed for detailed machining such as, for example, the contouring of acetate tablets. The use of the software is indeed ideal as an integration to our CNC machines for eyewear.


Design your glasses in 3D with the shape you prefer in an easy, fast and precise way.


Define the tool path for milling.

Integrated simulation system

The system has an integrated simulation mode, made possible thanks to the use of dynamic parameter management, to obtain an image of the component during the machining process. The simulation of the processing can be performed in wireframe or with material removal control. Kinematic simulation is also included with full collision control.

Ronchini Massimo compatible machines

CIM System® Rhino-NC is compatible with the CNC machines of Ronchini Massimo. Just export the machining file and import it into the XMC 5 motion control software to execute the tool path created with Rhino-NC.

Technical features - Rhino-NC

  • Improvements in the calculation of trajectories
  • Display preview with auto-corrections
  • New CAD import functions
  • Smooth toolpaths thanks to interpolation up to 5 axes
  • Libraries for storing company data: used tools, materials, machines and performed processes
  • Simple and intuitive graphic interface