26/02/2018 Nicolò Grammatico

Robotic milling: from the 3D model to the finished one

Our RM-RoboCut3D robot system was the protagonist of Gianandrea Mazzola ‘s article for the Automazione Integrata magazine
Below we propose a brief excerpt of the article and a link to read the full article.

Robotic milling: from the 3D model to the finished one

Productivity, flexibility and ease of use. These are the strong points of the system designed and developed by the company of Parma Ronchini Massimo Srl, in which Kuka robots represent the indispensable technological heart.

Founded in 1985 as a service company for the industry with the production of models and molds in resin and composite materials, the Parma-based company Ronchini Massimo, after some years, began to deal with electronic controls and numerical control, production of pantographs and milling machines with 5 interpolated axes.

A continuous and constant technological growth that today allows it to stand out on the market, operating mainly on three divisions: components, machines and services.

«In addition to the design and production of numerical control pantographs – specifies the owner and commercial director Filippo Ronchini – currently our company is able to manage and offer a wide range of components for the self-construction and automation of CN systems, up to to complete processing plants ».

Among these stands out RM-RoboCut3D, the new line of automated solutions for robotic milling of different materials; installations in which the company of San Michele Tiorre – Felino (PR) decided to use Kuka robots.

«In reality – explains Ronchini – our experience with the robot systems has started with the applications related to the maintenance of our machines.

In a second moment, thanks to the experience acquired over time, the desire to develop a technological solution for using the robot as a milling tool was born ».

An ambitious challenge was therefore undertaken, which saw Kuka as the ideal technical partner to progress in this interesting application that overturned the operational perspective, delegating to the robot the function that is traditionally performed by a machine tool.

“If in fact it was and still is in common use – continues Ronchini – employ the anthropomorphic robotic systems to follow a path from a fixed point, our need to be met was exactly the opposite.

In other words, being able to manage a path acquired by an external CAM software, just like a traditional machine tool.

The Kuka staff immediately showed great attention to our project, starting with the engineer Giuseppe Marseglia, who promptly accepted our requests and was able to collaborate in the definition of a concrete operational solution.

Hardware, therefore robotics, but also software, to interface our systems ».

The important added value of the Parma company has always been to manage, develop and implement in total autonomy, both the mechanical part, both the electronic and software (with relative programming).

This means having clear ideas about the requirements to be met, based on the specific work order, along with the ability to be able to perform certain customizations and requests.

«In this regard – continues Ronchini himself – the decision to collaborate with Kuka was determined not only by the advantage of having easy-to-use robots and the ease of programming, but also by the speed and essentiality of the technical response, it is a partner German of excellence, whose assistance is absolutely impeccable and unexceptionable “.

A synergy that soon became a real product line, specifically the mentioned RM-RoboCut3D.

Nicolò Grammatico

Sales manager of Ronchini Massimo Srl

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