4.0 Analytics | Data Analysis Software

With 4.0 Analytics software it’s possibile to monitor the productivity the machine remotely and watch the processing in real-time with the software-adjustable webcam. The software is compatible with all CNC machines and robotic systems of our production, we carry out customizations on specific customer request.

Main functions of the software:

  • Life statistics, machine wear and predictive maintenance
  • Statistics of the current state of the machine in real-time
  • Production statistics
  • Motorized IpCam with real-time control of the processing
  • Data that can be exported and integrated into other analysis software (.csv format)
  • Connection to multiple machines with the same software

Production statistics

  • Data indexed by hour, day, month, year
  • Pieces finished correctly
  • Pieces failed
  • Effective processing time
  • Total execution time

Machine current state

  • Operating mode
  • ISO part-program running
  • Effective processing time
  • Total execution time
  • Current spindle speed
  • Current feed of the axes (rapid and work)
  • Override of the spindle speed and axes feed
  • List of current alarms

Machine predictive maintenance

  • Data indexed by hour, day, month, year
  • Spindle time in rotation
  • Machine time in alarm
  • Machine running time
  • Machine time paused
  • Machine stopped
  • Machine in manual


Keep your machine and the status of the work monitored remotely at any time, thanks to the professional PTZ camera supplied.

• Remote pan, tilt and zoom functions
• Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection
• Fish-eye lens
• High Definition
• Integrated audio