Cut2D Pro: CAD/ CAM software for creating toolpaths

Cut2D Pro is a CAD/ CAM software for Windows® operating system, which allows you to create complex 2D patterns with profile, pocket, drilling and notch toolpaths. It can work without any work size limit and generate toolpaths, nesting of real shapes and job setting sheets. Compatible with almost all Ronchini Massimo CNC pantographs.

Compatible Ronchini Massimo machines

Vectric® Cut2D Pro is compatible with Ronchini Massimo CNC pantographs and numerical control machines. Just export the machining file in ISO G-code format and import it into the XMC 5 management software to run the toolpath created with Cut2D Pro.

Technical features - Cut2D Pro

  • Machining with work areas larger than 24×24 [600 mm x 600 mm]
  • Placement of templates to optimize tool path and minimize material waste
  • Toolpath patterns
  • Merging toolpaths
  • Job installation sheets
  • Gadgets: additional programs that increase the functionality of Cut2D Pro