XMC PoliCut | Motion controller for wire cutting CNC machines

XMC 4.0 Policut is a latest generation motion controller specifically designed to drive CNC machines with up to 6 interpolated axes. Thanks to a hardware with integrated high computing capacity processor and to a simple and intuitive HMI for Windows® environment, with XMC 4.0 Policut it will be possible to configure and drive our hot wire cutting CNC machines RM-PoliCut3D and RM-WireCut3D.

In addition to the axis movement system, it allows the management of machining technologies for hot and abrasive wire cutting CNC machine tools. A wide range of commands can be combined with the machining tools, with specific functions depending on the technology.

XMC 4.0 Policut – HMI for Windows® OS

XMC 4.0 Policut HMI is a simple and intuitive operator interface that allows you to have all the controls necessary to drive the machine under control at any time. It will be possible to analyze the project from the 2D/3D preview and directly start processing when everything is ready.

With the addition of the plugin Analytics 4.0 it will be possible to monitor and process all data updated in real time, relating to productivity and processing status.

  • Display of machine and piece dimensions
  • Continuous and stepwise jog movements for each axis
  • Intuitive and powerful ISO editor with MDI management
  • 2D and 3D graphic visualization and simulation of the ISO file
  • Processing scene visualization with 3D mathematical model
  • Estimation of processing times
  • Display and setting of the machining blank
  • Parking management
  • Start, stop, pause functions
  • Complete diagnostics with alarm I/O display
  • Wire temperature overfeed 0-100% and axes overfeed 0-120%
  • Keypad management for jog movements (RM-KeypadLC)
  • Direct import of 2D DXF and 3D STL CAD format
  • Automatic sorting of vectors after import
  • Manual selection of the attachment points
  • Automatic connections with generation of single cutting path
  • Automatic generation of 2D cutting path with simulation
  • Automatic generation of the 3D path with plate
  • Independent axis machining with direct import of complex 3D shapes
  • Macros for generating simple shapes such as circles, squares, rectangles
  • Management of the cut inclined at adjustable degrees

XMC 4.0 Policut – Hardware solutions

The base of XMC 4.0 Policut hardware consists in a powerful axes control with integrated PLC based on a high-performance 264 Mhz RISC processor interfaced with non-volatile high-speed RAM. The motion control section, which manages up to 6 interpolated axes, is able to perform trajectories obtaining high movement performance. The computing power of this axis control makes it suitable for the management of complex machines for all sectors of Industrial Automation. The cyclical PLC section and the sequential CNC section combined with the rich and powerful set of instructions allow you to develop extremely flexible and updated applications to the current concepts of Industry 4.0. Contact our technical service or download the data sheet to get more information regarding the architecture and potential of this solution.

Cutting strategies


The simple match function allows you to process simple cuts such as circles and rectangles, without importing any CAD file from outside.


The sliced ​​mach function allows you to create a sliced ​​cutting path without any CAD file import. From the raw block to the finished panels in few simple clicks.


2D cut to perform two-dimensional cuts starting from the DXF file. The software will process the project by calculating the connection points, entrances and exits.


It will be possible to import a 3D model in STL format and process it directly in combination with the turntable. The software will automatically divide the solid into a number of established sections and then generate the cutting projections that will be in sequence.


Management of the X1Y1 axes on the right side and X2Y2 on the left side in an absolutely independent way. This cutting mode will allow you to create tapered shapes with a draft angle, letters in projection and inclined cuts on non-regular geometries.


The 2D profile function with plate or lathe allows you to cut 3D and symmetrical objects, combining a two-dimensional profile on the lathe or machine plate. This strategy allows you to create 3D solids, without having to design complicated files.