XMC 5 Robot | Motion controller for milling robots

XMC 5 Robot is a latest generation motion controller for milling robots capable of converting a general purpose Kuka® robot into a machining center. Its simple and intuitive HMI, is able to manage multiple technologies including:

  • Milling & Drilling (stone, wood, foam, resin, other)
  • Trimming & Deburring
  • Plasma, laser, blade, wire cutting and waterjet
  • Grinding & Polishing
  • Welding
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Advanced robotics (cooperative robotics , double spindle milling, part to tool, rail, rotary, robot & CNC machine)

Main functions of XMC 5 Robot

• Automatic tool change management with length correctors
• Presetting management for measuring tool length
• Management of bases and tools with tool table
• Manual controls for manual and automatic tool management
• Specific configurations for mechanized plasma cutting torch
• Specific configurations for laser source management
• Specific configurations for managing metering systems
• Specific configurations for managing multi-head combined systems
• Complete diagnostics with alarm I/O display
• Remote remote assistance

• Display of the position of the robot joints
• Display of the A7 rotary table axis
• Display of the guide axis A8
• Single axis or interpolated jog movements
• Jog movements with SpaceMouse 6D®
• Import of the part program from USB or network
• Start, stop, pause and restart of the work
• Display of the working time
• Spindle overfeed 0-100%
• Overfeed axes 0-100%

HMI software interface of SmartPAD Kuka®

XMC 5 Robot HMI  (Human Machine Interface) software interface provides a series of commands to manage the Kuka® robot like a machine tool. It allows you to import the machining file in ISO G-Code format and have an intuitive preview of the handling commands and the configuration of the machining tool.

Software CAD/CAM compatible

XMC 5 Robot is compatible with the main CAD/ CAM software, the software interface allows you to import and execute the machining files in the ISO G-code format generated with the main CAM software available on the market.